Friday, November 22, 2013

Are You Drinking Enough Water for Clear, Beautiful Skin?

I believe physical beauty comes from the inside out, literally. The way we treat our body shows through our skin. Greasy, processed food diet? Acne. Sleep deprived and dehydrated? Under eye circles. Dehydrated and lack of fresh food? Dull, dry, discolored skin and limp hair.  What we complain about on a daily basis is caused by toxin build up in the body, which causes nutrients to have a difficult time being absorbed. Understanding detoxification and hydration is the key to a healthy, beautiful life.

For as long as I can remember I was always that weird kid who carried their water bottle around with them like a child, freaked out if it was missing and filled it up then 2.5 seconds later refilled it. I’m extremely thankful I grew up with that habit because hydration is not only important for physical performance and health but for beauty.
  As mentioned before without getting to detailed our bodies contain toxins which is completely natural except when there is a build up you may experience feeling sluggish, dark circles under your eyes, blemished, dry or dull skin, bloating, digestive problems and even headaches! The key to fixing this is, simply understanding that detoxification takes water. If we are drinking soda, sports drinks tea or coffee without water, we are becoming more and more dehydrated leaving our body with the problems mentioned before. When hydration levels get lower than 80% the kidneys and liver have a hard time filtering, and breaking down fat for energy, which is why we feel sluggish or have a dulled appearance.
Our bodies depend on water for survival and over half our body weight is composed of water. If the human body becomes dehydrated, as little as 2% it starts to lose its mind clarity, lack of physical performance and much more. Staying hydrated helps the nutrients we eat throughout the day get absorbed more quickly in the body instead of being trapped by toxins. When we absorb nutrients it shows through our skin, hair, eyes, mind clarity and mood.

You are probably saying to the computer screen “yeah, yeah, yeah drink water, I know.” Which is true, we do hear that all the time, but if we take a second and think about how much water we drink daily, are we drinking the right amount? People tend to overestimate, but everyone has a certain amount they need to drink. The simplest way to estimate is to know your weight, then drink half of that in ounces. (For example: a 150 lb woman (68kg, 10.7 stone) needs to drink at least 75 ounces (2.21 Liters) of water daily).

Water brings moisture to our skin creating a more youthful glow with greater elasticity and revives skin tissues. Drinking filtered water also prevents acne by ridding the body of toxins and reducing the chance of an acidic environment for the organs. The common myth of under eye circles developing because of age is just darn wrong. Our skin is a mirror of our diet (which will have to be a separate post, because I could go on and on how beauty intertwines with diet).

Plain water can be boring. I have been guilty on numerous occasions for reaching for coffee or tea instead.  I wanted to share some ideas with you on how to spice up your water! You could add crushed fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, lemon or cucumber for a refreshing twist or even reach for coconut water. Coconut water is extremely beneficial for the body, by balancing out electrolytes, enriched with dietary fiber, enzymes, minerals and vitamin C… and did I mention delicious? The brand ZICO carries a chocolate one and it is a perfect post-workout, or mid afternoon snack to satisfy a sweet tooth.

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Have a wonderful Friday!! :) 


  1. Drinking more water is my New Year's resolution! This is such a helpful post as I never know how much is good to drink. Thank you! :)

    Heather xx

    1. That is a great healthy New Year's resolution!! :)

  2. This is such an informative post. I recognise the importance of drinking lots of water, but it's just always pushed to the back of my mind when I have 101 other things to do. I think I need to prioritise it more!

    1. That is completely true, but yes water is extremely important! I study nutrition and I'm a health nut so if you ever have any questions, just ask away! :) xx